Arlington Valley Plant

Arlington Valley Plant

Arlington Valley is a 577-megawatt,  natural gas fueled, combined cycle plant located on a 3,000 acre tract approximately 50 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona, near the Palo Verde hub.  Electricity is produced from two combustion turbine generators.  Two heat recovery steam generators capture hot exhaust gases to produce steam that drives a steam turbine generator.  Arlington Valley is a zero discharge facility, employing a state-of-the art wastewater treatment system and an evaporation pond.  Ancillary equipment includes inlet chillers and HRSG duct firing to boost output, a raw water treatment system, and a closed loop condenser system with a 6-cell mechanical draft cooling tower.

The plant is designed to run as a base or intermediate load generator and is interconnected to the Hassayampa substation, which provides Arlington Valley direct access to the Palo Verde hub.  Arlington Valley’s capacity and associated output are committed during the summer months under an existing power purchase agreement through October 2019.

 Arlington Valley Power Plant Information

Location Arlington, Arizona; Maricopa County
Net Capacity 577 MW
Star West Ownership 100%
Plant Configuration and Technology 2 GE 7FA+e combustion turbines
2 Aalborg/ Erie heat recovery steam generators
1 GE D11 steam turbine generator
Fuel Natural Gas
Gas Interconnection El Paso Natural Gas (via 2-mile lateral)
Transwestern Gas Pipeline (within 2 miles)
Electrical Interconnection Hassayampa substation @ 500 kV
Regional Pricing Point Palo Verde pricing hub
Power Purchasers Arizona Public Service (Summer months through October 2019). Plant is available for merchant deliveries during the months of November – April.


 Arlington Valley Plant Location in Respect to Palo Verde Hub

Arlington Valley Plant Location