Our Owners

Star West Generation is 100% owned by Highstar Capital and its affiliated limited partners and co-investors. Highstar Capital is an independent, owner-operated infrastructure investment fund manager with an operationally focused, value-added investment strategy.  Since closing its first fund in 2000, Highstar has directly invested $5.5 billion for its limited partners and co-investors across its core infrastructure sectors of energy, environmental services and transportation. Highstar has consistently sourced and executed investments that combine its value-added operational focus and expertise with a clear strategic vision and risk-management discipline, including the avoidance of investments primarily reliant on ‘financial engineering’ to generate results.  Highstar targets superior, risk-adjusted returns to its investors.  This approach has been the foundation of its investment success, and Highstar expects it to be going forward.

Learn more about Highstar Capital at: www.highstarcapital.com